Special Big Span Steel Structure Workshop

Short Description:

Length*Width*Height: 60m*50m*12m

Usage: manufacturing workshop.

Property: this workshop is used to assemble airplane, that’s why need a very big span to contain the airplane.

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Main steel structure frame

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

The workshop owner told us he need a high class of safety standard than international standard, because there is airplane inside the workshop, it is big amount asset, so we use more steel frame materials to ensure the safety class is high enough, the steel structure frame will not collapse even it face strong storm or earthquake.

Steel support system

Big specification support steel is used to enhance the structure frame, which is very helpful to connect all the steel part to be one whole building.

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

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Wall & Roof covering system

Roof purlin: galvanized C section steel, the purlin steel thickness is made bigger than standard purlin steel, which is helpful to resistant strong wind storm.
Wall purlin: galvanized C section steel, the distance between purlin got closer, which is designed to get a better performance when the building face strong storm.

Roof sheet: big thickness steel sheet panel is used as cover, which is fixed with steel structure frame by purlin.

Light sheet: transparent plastic sheet is used to collect light for workshop inside worker usage.

Wall sheet: use steel sheet as wall panel, thickness is bigger than standard sheet thickness.

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cadv (8)
cadv (1)
CASV (2)

Additional system

Rain gutter: gutter made by steel, in order to extend the gutter life time and prevent rust when it touched with rain water, we galvanized the steel gutter.

Downpipe: the roof is quite big, so we designed a bigger diameter PVC pipe as rain downpipe.

Door: 4 pcs common workshop door installed as common materials exit and entrance.
1 pcs airplane special used door is installed for assemble finished airplane exit and entrance.

Ventilator: special designed ventilator, which is capable of opening when the whether is good, and closing when the weather rain. It is a flexible choice for big volume air exchange condition, with rain prevent demand.

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ACVA (1)
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cadv (5)
CASV (1)

Normal bolt use 25*45

Foundation bolt use M32 specification, because client need a stronger stability for the workshop compared with common factory workshop.

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