Twin Looking Industry Factory Steel Workshop

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Length*Width*Height: 2 Units 120m*60m*8m

Usage: building materials manufacturing workshop.

Property: 2 same building with same size, developed by phase 1 and phase 2 by different date.

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Main steel structure frame

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

Standard steel structure frame used for workshop, project located in Algeria, which is far from with China and shipping cost is big, client asked for a design that can save his shipping cost significantly, so our engineer optimized every steel column and beam part to ensure every shipping container is loaded 95% full.

Steel support system

The client only need big support part for easy installation and cost save, so we designed big specification support and canceled the small support like tension rod and casing pipe.

Tie bar use high strength steel pipe with big diameter.

Horizontal support use big size angle steel as hard support to ensure overhead crane running safety.

Vertical support use round steel.

Flange knee brace use small size angle steel.

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

acav (1)

Wall & Roof covering system

Roof purlin: galvanized C steel, common choice for standard steel structure workshop building.
Wall purlin: galvanized C steel, the steel get galvanized manufacture treatment will get a longer life time.

Roof sheet: use V840 steel sheet panel as standard roof cover, which is a popular choice for most of the workshop roof cover.

Wall sheet: use V900 steel sheet panel as wall panel, which is easy maintenance for after installation.

cadv (3)
cadv (8)
cadv (1)
CASV (2)

Additional system

Rain gutter: steel sheet gutter is used for easy installation, there are 6 roof slope, two type gutter is designed, the inner gutter used at middle of the roof drop, and outer gutter used at roof side drop.

Downpipe: use 110mm diameter PVC pipe as rain water down channel.

Door: 10 pcs big door is installed for each workshop, the door frame use aluminum frame, which is used to prevent rain acid rust, the door panel use big thickness panel to ensure door life time long and stability performance good.

Ventilator: ridge ventilator is used at the workshop top, this type ventilator got low price, but very good performance, which is popular in big size industry workshop.

cadv (6)
cadv (4)
cadv (7)
cadv (5)
CASV (1)

High strength bolt is used to fix column and beam connection.

Foundation bolt use M24 specification, which is the standard bolt for workshop building. Specially added 2 pcs bolt more when engineer consider the strong wind situation at project location.

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