Small Elegent Factory Used Steel Workshop

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Length*Width*Height: 40*25*6m

Usage: the steel structure workshop used for bike manufacturing.

Property: high quality, beautiful design.

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Main steel structure frame

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

Client told us he need a beautiful workshop, because will use it to produce luxury bike, his customer will visit his factory and check there customized bike, the first impression is very important for his workshop, so we specially extend the wall structure height to install longer wall panel, so that we can hide the wild part at the workshop roof.

Also we painting the structure color to be blue color, so that the workshop inside color is same with his product bike color, all blue color, energetic color as client said.

Steel support system

Use low cost design because his workshop is small, no need install too much unnecessary support waste client project budget.

Include tie bar, horizontal support, vertical support.

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

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Wall & Roof covering system

Roof purlin: galvanized Z steel, which is widely used in small steel structure workshop building.
Wall purlin: galvanized Z steel, the steel get galvanized manufacture treatment will get a longer life time.

Roof sheet: use glass wool temperature insulation materials at the roof, which can against cold temperature out the building.
Use steel sheet at glass wool up and down side to prevent rain and wind.

Wall sheet: use steel sheet as wall panel, no add other materials.

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ACVA (2)

Additional system

Rain gutter: gutter made by steel, in order to extend the gutter life time and prevent rust when it touched with rain water, we galvanized the steel gutter.

Downpipe: use 110mm diameter PVC pipe as rain water down channel.

Door: The workshop require a luxury looking, and electric power there is stable, so we use auto motor drive door, which looks beautiful.

Ventilator: the client told us there will be bad smell when they produce bike inside the workshop, so the workshop will need a channel to fresh the air inside, so we design 7 pcs ventilator at the workshop top to fresh the air inside.

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ACVA (1)

Normal bolt use 25*45
Foundation bolt use M24 specification, which is the standard bolt for small workshop.

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