Excellent Lighting Performance Steel Structure Workshop

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Length*Width*Height: 72*18*8m

Usage: this workshop used as plastic pipe factory workshop.

Property: standard design, cost efficient solution.

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Main steel structure frame

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

The workshop building will be used at a area which often have snow, so our engineer consider when snow big, the structure roof will load big weight, so he design a stronger roof structure to fit the client building area nature condition.

Customized design is quite important for client to ensure workshop safety and low cost.

Steel support system

There is crane machine inside the workshop, so our engineer design hard support to ensure building stable when the crane machine running.

There is special support for the transparent panel set up and fix.

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

Standard Steel Structure Workshop (1)

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Wall & Roof covering system

Roof purlin: heavy C section steel to load the big weight snow drop.
Wall purlin: light C section steel to save cost for client, because the wind there is not that strong, threaten from wind is not that serious, so we use light wall purlin to save client purchasing cost.

Roof sheet: there will be a lot worker work inside the steel structure workshop at day time, and it requires a good light condition, so we not only use metal sheet as roof panel, but also use transparent sheet to collect more sunshine light get in workshop.
Every steel structure need different design to fit the working condition and usage for the building.

Wall sheet: steel sheet panel used as wall cover, both roof and wall panel choose dark gray by client.

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Additional system

Rain gutter: The client workshop installation area have big rain as client told, so we design bigger rain gutter to fit the rain condition there..

Downpipe: bigger pipe to drainage the big rain water.

Door: The workshop is 1296 Sqm, not big, we recommend client install 2 big door is fine, which can be used both worker and truck enter and exit, the power at that area is not stable as client told us, sometimes power off but production inside the workshop should continue, so we recommend client use sliding door, don’t use auto door which is drive by electric motor.

Crane: Client is supposed to load some light plastic raw materials from workshop one side to another side, no load heavy material like metal, so we suggest client use a 5ton crane machine is fine, which can fit his working condition demand, and save cost.

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5.Connection part: foundation bolt use 10.9s high strength bolt, which can keep stay stable even the workshop face earthquake, so that the asset and production machine inside the workshop won’t be destroy when earthquake.

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